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Bergey Technical Training Seminar, 
March 15, 16 & 17, 2002 in Norman, OK

Bergey XL.1, Excel 10, Excel 50 wind generators

Visit Bergy's informative web pages at www.bergey.com for downloads on their products including tower options, specifications and pricing - then call us for discounts above and beyond their price.

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The Bergey Windpower Corp. is housed in a former WWII barracks, next to an airfield.  It has a certain rustic charm.....  It's basically a machine shop; Bergey has only a few parts manufactured off site.

Outside the shop, they have their 1KW, 10KW and 50KW units cranking.  You can see the XL.1 (far left, close to the building), the Excel 10 (center) and the 100 ft. tower for the 50 KW unit at the far right.

Here you can see the 50 KW unit (back) and tower parts in the foreground.  "When the 50KW genny is cranking, it powers the entire shop."  Let me tell you, folks, it was QUITE windy the entire time we were at Bergey!  Brrrrr....

XL.1's ready to go!  Lead time is down to 7 - 10 weeks on these; by early summer, Bergey hopes to have these on the shelf with NO appreciable lead time.  Wouldn't hurt to get in line now, though.

Here's the assembly area for the "guts" of the Excel 10 unit.  These babies weigh about 1100 lbs, assembled.  

6-10k50k61.JPG (23244 bytes)

The XL.1, left, and Excel 50, rear.  The view is so deceptive; the XL.1 is on a 40 ft. tower--and each blade of the Excel 50 is 21 ft. long!  The tower and wind generator of their one kilowatt unit will fit in the blade span of their 50 KW unit.

Here's the class, getting ready to put up an Excel 10 (with the judicious help of an experienced crane operator).

The components to the Excel 10, laid out and ready to assemble.

The crane has raised the 100 ft. tubular tower a bit, and set it on some rather heavy-duty sawhorses; then, the crane was used (with a special  "harness") to put the body of the wind genny on it.  The body of the wind generator is bolted into place.

Ken of Bergey Windpower diligently instructs the class on safety and tower raising specifics.

Now the turbine blades are attached (with a torque wrench), and the wiring connections are firmed.  The tail of the unit is "furled" to prevent its spinning until it's finally put into place.

You definitely need a crane operator who knows his/her stuff!  The wind turbine weighs about 1100 lbs., and the tower, about 2600 lbs.  It was a pretty windy (and COLD) day for this class, but the furled wind generator didn't flop around.  Good thing too.....

Karl Bergey (center), founder of Bergey Windpower, with a couple of fellows from the class.

Left to right:  Mike Bergey, head of Bergey Windpower, Steve Wilke, head of sales and customer service, and Chris Daum, very happy participant.

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