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solar panels
Charge controllers
Outback Power
Gas refrigerators & freezers
Gas stoves
Battery backup
Example system with batteries
Solar water pumping
Utility-tied example system
Kill-a-watt meter
Energy Star dorm fridge
DC fridge or freezer
System organization
Office upgrade
RE incentives
AC solar module?
RE news bites
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Spring 2008

Newsletter Index Page

Page 1 - Start here to just read our current newsletter on-line

Page 2 - Pricing (as of April 2008)

Page 3 - Deep cycle batteries

Page 4 - Solar water pumping

Page 5 - Magnum sine wave inverter

Page 6 - Quotes and Renewable Energy news tid bits

Fall 2007

PDF format or the following:


Spring 2007

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4


  Link Topics covered

Fall 2006 newsletter




 Page 3




Page 4


Available RE (Renewable Energy) system incentives and rebates

RE component pricing (as of 10/06)

  • Old pricing page removed

Freezers and stocking stuffers

RE news bites and Quotable Quotes




Spring 2006 newsletter

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


Page 4




Page 5

So you want to own a solar electric system?

Pricing for Spring 2006 (old pricing page removed)

What features are desirable in a fuel generator when integrated into a home gen-verter power system?


NEW! NPP-450 Sprite 450 watt  wind turbine generator


Fall 2005 newsletter




Fall 2004 newsletter

  Page 1
  Page 2
  Page 3
  Page 4

Winter 2003/2004 newsletter

  Page 1 Intro, NABCEP Certified, Special priced PV system
  Page 2 Current (March 2004) pricing
  Page 3 Gas Appliances, Tristar charge controller, Top states for wind energy, More RE information.
  Page 4 Articles of interest: Clean Energy Trends, Real Cost of Pollution Kept Hidden

Fall 2003 newsletter

  Page 1 One time special pricing on a complete PV system including utility-tied inverter with solar modules (and no batteries).

Summer 2003 newsletter

  Page 1 Solar water pumping
Whether for livestock domestic or shallow ponds, check out our
solar water pumping from Grundfos, Dankoff, Kyocera and more...

Winter/Spring 2003 newsletter

  Page 1: Outback power systems
PSPV and PSBB combiner boxes
MX60 charge controller
PSDC and PSAC disconnects
  Page 2: Oasis Montana pricing (as of 2/03)
Photovoltaic solar modules
Charge controllers and regulators
Trace power inverters
SMA Sunnyboy batteryless utility-tie power inverters
Wind generators
Propane and natural gas refrigerators and freezers
Windy Boy grid-tie inverters from SMA
  Page 3: .Bosch LP instantaneous, on demand water heaters
  Page 4: Kill a watt? Great plug in meter to monitor your energy usage-only $49.95
New P36S commercial style stainless steel gas range

Summer 2002 newsletter

  pg-1 New systems engineer at "The Oasis", and new AIR X wind generator.
  pg-2 Renewable Energy components pricing... solar modules, inverters, wind generators, controllers and regulators, etc.
  pg-3 SMA Sunny Boy inverters and RV Solar Boost MPPT charge controllers.
  pg-4 Engel AC/DC freezers, Peerless Premier stainless steel stoves, 
Wind Power hits Montana.

November 2001 newsletter

  pg-1 The importance of energy efficiency; Energy efficient washer/dryer;
New WEB sites
  pg-2 New solar panel pricing; Controllers and regulators; Inverters;
Wind generators
  pg-3 "Mathematically, drilling more oil is a losing game"; Bergey XL1 wind generators; Wind Power - Is it right for you?; Conserv energy efficient refrigerators and freezers
  pg-4 NEW Sexy round energy efficient refrigerators from Germany; European Countries taking the lead...; We could power the world...: Carbon monoxide alarms

April 2001 newsletter

  pg-1 Net metering/home office system.  Renewable energy links 
  pg-2 AC efficient freezer.  How to read your utility bill
  pg-3 (old) Component pricing.  ConServ Efficient AC 'fridge info 
  pg-4 Fuel Generators. Tri-fueled generators.  Wind generation--for you?  RV kit.
  pg-5 Trace SunTie Inverters.  Renewable energy news.
  pg-6 New LP Freezer for Hot Temps.  Latest web page:  LPappliances.com

July 2000 newsletter 

  pg-1 Stock Water Pumping--basic system.  Tax breaks--financing--incentives?
  pg-2 Peerless Premier Gas Ranges.  Crystal Cold Full-Size LP 'Fridges
  pg-3 Tri-fueled Generators.  Generator Safety.  Solar RV Kits.
  pg-4 Old Component Pricing Page.  ConServ Refrigerators.  Inverters, Regulators
  pg-5 Oasis Montana Home/Office System.  Guatemalan Project in El Tesoro
  pg-6 Deal on 10W and 20W Solar Modules.  Montanans & Renewable Energy.


Visit us on the web for product and project information!
For grid-tied power systems, www.grid-tie.com
Solar water pumping:  www.PVsolarpumps.com
Non-electric gas appliances, www.LPappliances.com
Efficient and DC appliances, www.eco-fridge.com
Composting toilets, www.eco-potty.com
And our main page at www.oasismontana.com