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Rainbow over "The Oasis"
Oasis Montana Renewable Energy Systems Design & Sales


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It's summer, folks! We're busy as bees here, helping people reduce their utility bills and pump water for their gardens or thirsty cows. After a very cold winter, we are finally enjoying the heat of summer. If you need help with your power or pumping system, do not hesitate to give us a call. And remember, that 30% federal tax credit is a big help. Happy summer!


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house flower garden

Solar Water Pumping from Oasis Montana
Spring is the start of water pumping season. If you have an off-grid cabin, or need to irrigate your garden or fruit trees – or fill your koi pond, give us a call. Happy spring!


Technologies are changing rapidly,
and energy storage is now the name of the game.
If you are concerned about backing up critical loads in the event of a power failure, call us and we’ll help you achieve your energy goals.


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If you are interested in creating a shady patio or carport as well as reducing your electric bill, you can get some ideas here from a nice article about one of our systems.
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The energy situation in the U.S. is making for some changes in the renewable energy industry; most major suppliers and manufacturers have increased their prices. 

We endeavor to keep our web pages current, but there are so many pages and prices to change--well, call us to be sure our information is up-to-date.

We are trying to keep our customers and renewable energy partners as informed as possible so you may plan accordingly.  Call for your current pricing and availability.


Oasis Montana is a proud member of the Montana Renewable Energy Association
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solar back up power systems from Oasis Montana

We're here to offer our products and design skills for your residential solar power systems or other renewable energy electric systems.   Our systems include the use of solar panels, wind (turbine) generators;  we provide components for emergency power back-up, off-grid homes, RVs, solar water pumping, telecommunications, general battery charging, marine applications, grid tie electric power systems and efficient refrigeration.  We have a great deal of data about these electric power systems in our webpages; take your time to explore the information we offer.

THE INDEX: Please click on our products and topics below to get the information you want. 

Oasis Montana Home Page and Index -- You can always jump back to this page and look at the other information and products we have to offer by clicking on the respective link. Get back to this Index Page by clicking on the HOME PAGE:  www.oasismontana.com  link at the bottom of each page.

solar array on Oasis Montana's office New Radian inverter for Oasis Montana office systemLeft New solar array on roof of Oasis Montana office. Right New Radian inverter & charge controllers on Oasis system.

Creating Shade with a PV System -- Read an interesting article on making shade with your PV system. 

Figuring Power Requirements --
Use this page to help ascertain your power requirements in terms of watt-hours per day; a chart is listed with the watts used by common appliances.

Load Evaluation Form -- This form can simplify adding up your electrical loads.

Insolation Map & Example Systems -- Once you've come up with the total watt-hours per day you need, you can get an idea of costs, necessary components and power output, based on your location in the U.S., by looking through these systems. Systems range from a one-panel system up to a 10,000 watt-hour per day system.

Alternate Energy Component Overview -- You can find basic information about solar power and the components of renewable energy electric power systems for solar modules, wind generators, inverters, batteries, etc.

Efficient Refrigeration -- Information is provided about energy efficient units, propane units, costs and options. Ever wonder why we want you to get rid of your old energy hog? --click here to find out!

Crystal Cold Propane LP Refrigerators -- These units are the biggest and most gas efficient units made in America; built by the Amish for the Amish, who usually have large families and demand high performance.  These heavy duty refrigerators are designed to give decades of service.

Blizzard LP Freezers -- Upright propane freezers made by the Amish in the Midwest -- 15 and 22 cu. ft. capacities available.

Peerless LP / Natural Gas Kitchen Ranges -- A variety of sizes, models, and options are available in these high quality natural gas or propane kitchen stoves, in 20", 24", 30" and 36" wide units.  NEW units now available in stainless steel.

Troubleshooting your LP Refrigerator -- Problem? You may be able to avoid an unnecessary service call with some DIY tips.

Vestfrost (Conserv) AC Refrigerator/Freezer -- The tall slender Vestfrost refrigerators (made in Denmark) were discontinued a few years ago; however, there are other efficient, quiet Euro models available if you seek a very similar refrigerator.

Fuel Generators -- Information about fuel and back-up generators and what to look for in a "Gen-Verter" system.

Solar Water Pumping -- The basics of solar water pumping systems are offered here.  Whether for stock watering or for your remote cabin, we can design a pump system to suit your needs.

Contact Us/How To Order -- If there's a component you need and can't find, let us know; if we can't come up with it, we may be able to refer you to a supplier who can. And, let us know your thoughts and comments! We'd like to hear from you! We accept Visa and Mastercard for your convenience; money orders, bank transfers, and personal checks are fine.  For our international customers, we accept bank transfers only.

Battery-less, grid-tie, solar electric power inverters -- These inverters offer the easiest and least expensive way to Go Green and install a solar electric power system that will reduce or eliminate your monthly power bill.

Outback Power Systems -- Clever electric power inverter combiner boxes make it a snap to install.

Xantrex Sinewave Series Inverters from Schneider Electric -- This revolutionary inverter is the one making the utilities cry "Uncle!"! Pure sine-wave power, grid-interactive capability, high surge capacity, low idle current and varied programmability make it one of THE most desired components for on-grid interaction as well as remote applications.

Wind Generators -- While very site specific, wind generation can be a valuable addition to the battery charging scheme, or even as a source of primary power. Click here for information about residential wind power.

Batteries -- The heart of a remote off-grid power system. Several brands are offered and basic maintenance information is listed.

Solar Fence Charger -- Dependable solar products you can rely on for livestock fencing, keeping bears out of your bee hives or hunting camps.

RV or Marine Solar Electric Power Systems -- Solar electric power is SO easy to add to your RV or boat--it's already set up for 12V power. These systems will also work great on your remote cabin's roof.

Composting toilets -- We are now offering a line of  Sun-Mar composting toilets, from ones that use no electricity or water and are self containing to those that use a little water and some electricity and utilize a centralized composting bin that can accept multiple toilets.

Related Renewable Energy Links--Information about solar incentives, financing renewable energy power projects, energy information newsletters to subscribe to, solar power info, data on EVs, efficient appliances, healthy and low energy home-building, surplus products and more are a few of our links, just a click away!

Used & surplus bulletin board -- FREE LISTING here for the alternate energy goods you may want to sell; or, if you're looking for a bargain, CHECK IT OUT! Please, no commercial listings. Goods include solar panels, wind generators, energy efficient appliances, etc.

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