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Xantrex Trace SW Plus Inverters:
have been replaced with the new
Xantrex XW series of sine-wave inverters please click here to get to that page

Trace sinewave power inverters by Xantrex


Xantrex Trace SW series II power inverters The Xantrex SW Series II line of sine wave inverters has been the workhorse in the inverter industry for many years. Xantrex listened to its customers and has completely re-designed their line of sine wave inverters to incorporate numerous new features and operational improvements. Their new SW Plus units are available in 24 and 48V versions with continuous power outputs of 2.5, 4.0 and 5.5 kVA. 

Some of the biggest improvements over the old SW Series II are:

  • Non-volatile memory so you don't lose all of your settings if you disconnect it from your battery bank (intentionally or not)
  • Much higher surge rating (up to 4x the continuous power rating for 5 seconds)
  • Continuous power output is maintained up to 104F (i.e. no temperature derating of power output)
  • More accessible AC wiring compartment connections.
  • Battery temperature compensation connection port is now on the DC side making it easier to route the temperature sensor down to the battery bank.
  • More user friendly 3 level menu operating system (user, basic & advanced)
  • Flash memory for future software upgrades (no more swapping chips)
  • A lower dollar-per-watt cost than the SW Series II.
  • Higher efficiency than "Brand-O" in the more commonly used lower power range.

Two SW Plus inverters can be connected or "stacked" in series for 120/240 VAC output or in parallel for straight 120 VAC output. It also has the same dual AC input (i.e. generator and utility grid) and dual transfer switch capability of the SW Series II. The SW Plus improves on the utility power management capabilities of the SW Series II by using the utility as the backup to a renewable energy source and turning the utility charger completely off when not needed. This reduces the power consumed from the utility and lowers the noise produced by the inverter's transformers. It is also easier to program to take advantage of your utility's time of day billing (i.e. invert power from the batteries when utility rates are high and charge from the utility when rates are low). The SW Plus inverters can be monitored/controlled remotely via one of their inverter control modules (ICM/25 or ICM/50) and they feature the same 2-year warranty that the SW Series II had.

On the negative side, the SW Plus inverters have the same old 34-52 step approximation to an AC sine wave output (i.e. not "true" sine wave") so you may encounter problems running some sensitive AC loads. They are also physically different in size than the old SW Series II so they won't fit on an existing power panel as a straight replacement. New power panels featuring the SW Plus inverters should be available by the summer of '04. The SW Plus does not have the built-in automatic generator start and auxiliary relays of the old SW Series II, but they are available as optional add-on modules (GSM & ALM). Currently the SW Plus inverters cannot sell any excess power back to the utility company, but they should be able to do so by the fall of '04 and you will have to use their separate grid-tie interface.

Overall, we think the improvements that Xantrex has incorporated into their SW Plus line of inverters make them a great choice for a remote or grid connected power system. Please look at the unit prices and options listed below as well as the attached spec sheet. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an


Model #



SW Plus 2524 2.5 kVA 24 DC 120 VAC/60 Hz Inverter/charger $2,299
SW Plus 2548 2.5 kVA 48 VDC 120 VAC/60 Hz Inverter/charger  $2,299
SW Plus 4024 4.0 kVA 24 VDC 120 VAC/60 Hz Inverter/charger $2,800
SW Plus 4048 4.0 kVA 48 VDC 120 VAC/60 Hz Inverter/charger $2,800
SW Plus 5548 5.5 kVA 48 VDC 120 VAC/60 Hz Inverter/charger $3,500
DCCB DC conduit box  $94
ACCB AC conduit box with bypass breaker assembly $369
GSM Generator Start Module  $159
ALM Auxiliary Load Module $159
ICM/25 Inverter Control Module with 25' cable $275
ICM/50 Inverter Control Module with 50' cable $295
ISC-S Inverter Stacking Control - Series (for 120/240 VAC) Call
ISC-P Inverter Stacking Control - Parallel (for 120 VAC) Call
ICA Inverter Communications Adapter Call
GTI Grid-Tie Interface Call

Click here to view the PDF White papers from Xantrex on their new line of SW Plus sinewave power inverters.

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