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Renewable Energy and Photovoltaic Index

PV, Photo Voltaics, solar modules, solar panels, Trace Inverters, Tracce sinewave Inverters, Solar Electric, Solar power, LP Appliances, Servel Propane refrigerators, Air 403 wind generators, wind generators, wind power LP refrigerators, ConServ refrigerators, SunFrost refrigerators

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Renewable Energy Information:

Load evaluation form
Figuring your power requirements
Solar insolation map
Alternative Energy component overview
The role of efficient refrigerators
Project installation pictures
Renewable Energy related links
NABCEP certified PV installers
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Renewable Energy / Alternative Energy products:

Index and home page for Oasis Montana Inc.
Sample alternative energy systems index page offering several different system packages
Renewable Energy component price list
Wind generators, LP propane gas generators, micro-hydro gens
Solar modules, solar panels
PV solar module track mounts by Zomeworks
Deep cycle renewable energy battery care and info
Solar-One deep cycle batteries
Solar water pumping
Solar Water Purification Systems
DC sub pump info
RV systems
Solar fencer chargers and ant charmers
Used and surplus bulletin board

Composting toilets
Kill-a-watt meter
Zero energy clothes dryer


Storage Batteries

Battery care and information
Solar-One deep cycle batteries
Concorde Sun XtenderŽ batteries
Lithium Ferro Phosphate LFP battery
Iron Edison Battery

Wind Generators

Wind Power--General Information

Power Inverters

Utility tie inverter systems
Xantrex - Trace Grid-tie inverters from Schneider Electric
SMA Sunny Boy Grid-tie inverters
Xantrex Prosine Series power inverters from Schneider Electric
Xantrex XW series true sine-wave power inverters from Schneider Electric
Outback Power Systems inverters


Energy Efficient & Gas Appliances

Kitchen refrigerators and freezers
Refrigeration facts and options

Energy-efficient A.C. refrigerators

Stainless steel refrigerators
Black or white small foot print refrigerators

Pictures of ConServ refrigerators

Summit Euro-Fridge
Sun Frost 110/220 AC refrigerators

Efficient DC refrigerators, freezers and coolers

Energy efficient DC refrigerators and freezers

LP, propane and natural gas refrigerators and Freezers

Crystal Cold LP gas refrigerators 12-21 cu.ft.
Blizzard LP gas freezers - up to 21 cu. ft.
Porta Gaz 37- and 51-quart portable refrigerators, AC-, DC-, or propane-powered
Refrigerate by using heat?


Propane (LP) or natural gas kitchen stove ranges

Peerless-Premier line of gas kitchen stoves
Stainless steel kitchen ranges
Gas stove model comparison specs

Gas stove model description and pictures 
Custom drop-in stove tops

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They contain a great amount of information and "how to" articles covering many products, projects, reviews, solar water pumping systems, off-grid power systems, grid-tied electric power systems, as well as renewable energy industry news and technologies.

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