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Renewable Energy 
Component Pricing

The energy situation in the U.S. is making for some changes in the renewable energy industry.

We endeavor to keep our web pages current, but so many of our products have had recent price increases and
there are so many pages and prices to change--well, call us to be sure our information is up-to-date.

We are trying to keep our customers and renewable energy partners as informed as possible so you may plan accordingly.  Call for current pricing and availability.


Solar Modules, Mounts, Regulators, Inverters,
Wind Generators, Propane Appliances

Let us know if you can't find what you want .

These prices do not include shipping. 

Kyocera solar modules -
Kyocera's products have been in this industry for almost two decades; they are a publicly traded corporation employing many people throughout the world; 20 year warranty on most sizes. Click for current pricing.

SolarWorld (formerly Shell Solar or Siemens) solar modules -             
One of the oldest and consistently reliable, one of the first  in the industry to offer a 25 year warranty.  Click for current pricing.

Sharp solar panels - Click for current pricing.

The world's largest PV manufacturer offers a 25 year output warranty on their high-quality modules, poly-crystal design.
Other Solar modules are available from Suniva, Conergy, etc. -
Click here for current pricing

Please give us a call to see what other modules are available that will meet your needs.

We offer many styles to suit your project, including A-frame roof or ground racks, top- and side-of-pole mounts, flush mounts, tilt mounts for RVs, and also trackers.  Call for your cost, availability, and freight for what works best for you.

For information about charge controllers visit www.oasismontana.com/oops404.html

For information about residential wind power click here:

Energy efficient AC refrigeration:
See our line of small foot print, European, energy star rated refrigerators at www.eco-fridge.com and other energy star rated appliances.

PROPANE REFRIGERATION The DIAMOND line of full-size, fuel-efficient propane and natural gas refrigerator/freezers. See more information on our Efficient Refrigeration page - or check out specific information on propane refrigerationAnd for more information on our various gas appliances including kitchen stoves and 15 or 18 cu.ft., and 21 cu. ft. upright gas freezers see our web site at  LPappliances.com  

MISCELLANEOUS and other goods…We also offer the basic "balance-of-system" components, including, but not limited to, module and battery interconnects, circuit breakers and disconnects, load centers and fuses, wire, surge protectors,  hydro units, wire and cables.  Fine print: We endeavor  to be accurate, but prices are subject to change without notice.

WHAT TRUCK FREIGHT ENTAILS: The best rate for truck freight shipping is to have you pick it up at the local freight terminal or commercial drop point. A residential delivery is usually $50 to $75 more than a business delivery and generally requires a lift gate (which drops the goods off at ground level), adding another $80 to $100 in fees. Inside delivery is an additional cost on top of that.

Know someone with a truck? Can you have a dolly or hand cart on hand? If you can mobilize a couple of strong bodies, you might be able to save $80 to $120 or so

Call for your freight on any of our truck freight items.

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