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Why buy a solar electric power system from Oasis Montana?


Owner Chris Daum has been in the renewable energy business Since 1989 and started her own Oasis Montana business in 1998 so that she could provide better customer service on the products that she sells. Chris lives with the products she sells.  Her Stevensville office is powered by 28 Sanyo 205W modules, an OutBack Power Radian inverter, 16 Surette/Rolls S520 batteries, and a Chinook wind generator. This solar electric system also powers her energy-efficient ConServ refrigerator by Vestfrost.  She cooks on a Peerless Premier SFK349W 30", five-burner propane stove.

Our newest system designer, Larry Keogh, trained on military generators in 1971 and has been “fooling around” with PV since the mid 1980’s, Larry obtained an AAS in Energy Technology from the University of Montana, College of Technology in May of 2010. Formally educated in solar, wind, wave, tidal, coal, hydro, geothermal, other energies and storage, and coupled with decades of life experience in electrical work, and being a long term “energy conservation nut”, Larry has the tools and experience to help you gain the edge on sustainable energy for your home or business power project.

At Oasis Montana we "walk the walk and talk the talk".  Our office and water pump are powered by our solar power system, and we live with the energy-efficient refrigerators and propane stoves that we sell.

Oasis Montana does not sell  one size fits all "solar electric power kits" or "packages".  Our photovoltaic (PV) solar electric systems are carefully designed specifically for you so that you never buy more then you need but more importantly we design a system that will meet your individual power requirements; and, you can also add exponentially if your power needs ever increase.  We buy components from all vendors and manufacturers so that we are better able to utilize the quality components that are currently available and at the best price/performance that will meet your specific needs.  We are a small shop and every individual power system is important to us and designed as if it were our own. 

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